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We are specialist family law solicitors and are passionate about helping our clients to achieve the best outcome for them and their family. We are proud to offer a range of processes in order to assist clients reach an outcome that works for them.

We will give you sensible, clear and realistic advice.

We understand that children are adversely affected by conflict within their family, but can be resilient when they are sheltered from such conflict. We will help you find ways to minimize and resolve conflict for the benefit of your children.

If we advise you that litigation is the best course of action, we are well-known for being firm but fair – and we are always supportive of you during what can be a daunting experience. We have the expertise to act quickly should it become necessary to do so in order to protect your position.

We understand that family matters are not just legal and will guide you to other forms of support where necessary.

We are discreet and professional.

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Lucy Sparks

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Lucy deals with a varied caseload across the spectrum of family breakdown, although she specialises in dealing with the financial issues arising from divorce.  Lucy deals with her cases in a constructive manner and is known for her pragmatic approach to complex issues and her sensitivity to her clients. 

Lucy is a trained collaborative lawyer and mediator and is able to resolve problems effectively using these processes, allowing clients to retain control of their lives.  Whilst encouraging clients to find the middle ground with their ex-spouse, Lucy is also prepared to act swiftly and firmly where her clients’ best interests are at risk.

Lucy is keen to resolve matters in a non-confrontational manner wherever possible and is an enthusiastic member of Resolution.