• Divorce Rates

    According to the Office of National Statistics 42% of marriages in England and Wales will end in divorce. The divorce rate is viewed by some as a symptom of a broken society. The truth of the matter is that the divorce rate for those who have been married for over ten years hasn’t changed since the 1960s. Couples are more likely to divorce during the first ten years of marriage, particularly between years three and six. As many as 20% of marriages entered into 2013 are likely to end in divorce in the first ten years. When there are difficulties …

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  • Keeping your divorce out of court

    When a relationship breaks down some people are concerned that involvement from lawyers might escalate a dispute and lead them to court. In many cases this is not true as there are a variety of options available in order to resolve matters as an alternative to court. There has been a great deal in the media about mediation and the government would like to encourage people going through a divorce to use that process in order to resolve any issues. Whilst mediation can be effective in many instances, it is not suitable for everybody and there may be many reasons …

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