• Separated Parents Information Programme

    When a couple separates there are many difficult issues that may need to be resolved, from what should happen to the family home to who should keep the car. There is often a difference of opinion as to the appropriate outcome, but what people generally agree is that they want the best for their children. What is not always clear is how to achieve this. Contemplating an ongoing relationship with an ex-partner can be daunting, but where there are children involved it is something that is worth thinking about at an early stage. Communication can be challenging and many parents …

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  • Codicil or new Will?

    Most people understand what a Will is. However, not many people know what a Codicil is.  A Codicil is a testamentary document which would be read in conjunction with a Will. A Codicil must comply with the same legal requirements and be executed in the same way as a Will. Codicils should be kept safe with your Original Will.  You might want to make slight changes to your Will, but not change the whole document. A Codicil can be drafted to change specific provisions of a Will but leave the rest of the Will the same.  It could be that …

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