• Negotiating Separation: Brexit and Divorce

    Since 2016, Brexit has dominated the news. Everyone is well aware of the results of the referendum for the UK to leave the EU. Many people may have believed this to be a relatively straightforward matter. However, matters are often not as straightforward as they may appear, particularly when there is to be a separation.  As we often hear analysts say: Brexit is a “divorce”. When couples separate there may be various issues that need to be determined. Simply moving out of the family home and going off to live a new life of independence may not be realistic. The …

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  • Letter of wishes

    Writing a Will can be tricky, but trying to understand a loved one’s Will and the reasons for their decisions after their death can be agonising and distressing. A simple letter of wishes can avoid this emotional confusion. A letter of wishes is not a legally binding document.  It is a personal and private document that is designed to sit alongside your Will (which may become a public document after your death) to provide your Executors and Trustees with a guide to help ensure that your personal wishes are carried out. You can write a letter of wishes at any …

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