• Finding the right lawyer

    When you have a family related legal issue, choosing the right lawyer can be a daunting task. Many people will have limited or no experience of working with lawyers. Different types of law require different skill sets and so the qualities you might look for in a lawyer to purchase your home or sue a multi-national company are not necessarily the qualities you will be looking for when separating from your partner. One important consideration may be cost, although comparing lawyers simply based on price is unlikely to tell the whole story. You will also want to consider how experienced …

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  • What happens when somebody dies without a Will?

    When somebody passes away and they have not left a valid Will, this is known as dying intestate. The deceased’s estate is divided in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy. These rules determine who inherits – this depends on what surviving family the deceased has and also, the size of the estate. Only married or civil partners and some other close relatives can inherit under the Rules of Intestacy. This means that dying without a valid Will could result in important people, such as unmarried partners and step-children, being ignored when the estate is distributed. You can find out who …

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