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Christmas Day Divorces

January is a famously busy time for family lawyers, with many couples on the brink of separation finding the stress of Christmas to be the final straw for their relationship. The first week of the New Year has become a much talked about period for new divorce enquiries.

This year, with the introduction of an online divorce petition in May 2018, it seems that this busy period for divorces started earlier, with government figures saying that thirteen people actually completed the online application on Christmas Day. According to the Ministry of Justice, there were a total of 455 online applications made between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

For those who have applied for their divorce online, whether over Christmas or at any other time, it is important to know that the divorce in itself does not resolve any of the financial issues arising from separation. All the financial claims that spouses have against one another upon divorce remain “live” even after a divorce, unless they are specifically dismissed by a court (or one party has remarried in which case they cannot make an application against the other, but an application can still be made against them).

It is certainly progress that these services are now available online to fit in better with modern life but resolving the financial issues and those issues relating to children is the most important part of the work of a family lawyer and advice from a specialist practitioner is key for anyone going through such an important and significant change in their life.

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