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Negotiating Separation: Brexit and Divorce

Since 2016, Brexit has dominated the news. Everyone is well aware of the results of the referendum for the UK to leave the EU. Many people may have believed this to be a relatively straightforward matter. However, matters are often not as straightforward as they may appear, particularly when there is to be a separation.  As we often hear analysts say: Brexit is a “divorce”.

When couples separate there may be various issues that need to be determined. Simply moving out of the family home and going off to live a new life of independence may not be realistic. The separating couple may have financial ties to each other or ongoing obligations and commitments, such as children. Divorce of all types comes at a cost and the “divorce bill” will need to be carefully negotiated.

During negotiations, one party may make an offer and state firmly that they will not negotiate further. This can often be a negotiating tactic in itself.  Even if an offer made was intended to be a final offer, it may well be possible to persuade the person making it to move in order to achieve settlement. The risks of being left without a final agreement in place can be significant and the uncertainly caused makes it impossible for either party to properly plan for their future.

As with any separation, some rights will necessarily be lost. On a divorce, these might include rights to inherit from the other spouse, rights in relation to the other person’s pensions or more generally the right to financial support. These rights need to be considered when thinking about what a reasonable settlement would be.

As with any negotiation, a divorce negotiation can take time and energy.  Having an experienced solicitor guide you through the process can help ease the burden on you when going through a separation.  Whatever the particular issues that need to be resolved when families separate, Family Law Associates can help.  Please contact us for more information.

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