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Resolution’s Parenting Charter

As part of the Resolution Manifesto for Family Law, Resolution proposes a Parenting Charter which clearly sets out what children should be able to expect from their parents if they are separating, and what separating parents need to do in the best interests of their children.


This part of the manifesto differs from the other aspects (the full manifesto can be found here) as it does not call for a change in the law or public policy.  Resolution hopes that the charter will be a tool for lawyers, mediators and others working with separating couples, as well as for parents themselves.  The hope is that a greater understanding of the rights and responsibilities of parents and their children will reduce the likelihood of parental disputes going to court.


Resolution’s Parenting Charter  encourages parents to agree together:




Be at the centre of any decisions made about their lives


Feel loved and cared for by both parents


Know and have contact with both sides of their families, including any siblings who may not live with them, as long as they are safe


A childhood, including freedom from the pressures of adult concerns such as financial worries


Financial support and protection from poverty


Support and encouragement in all aspects of their lives, including their education, as well as their physical and mental well-being


From and express their own views on any matter affecting them


Be kept informed about matters in an age-appropriate manner


Privacy and respect for their feelings, including the way they feel about each of their parents


Protection from information and material, including that found online, which may be harmful to them


Protection from harm, and from adults who might do them harm


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