• Second time lucky?

    Last week, John Torode and Lisa Faulkner had a beautiful wedding ceremony and legally married. John said that he has ‘officially married the girl of his dreams’. For both of them, this was not the first time they have been married. Circumstances around a second marriage are almost always more complicated than the first. There are often children from previous relationships to consider – John has 4 children from previous relationships and Lisa adopted a child with her ex-husband. Not only this, but you would have acquired assets such as property, savings, investments, pensions and businesses. So do second marriages …

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  • Early Neutral Evaluations

    If you are trying to agree the arrangements for your children or your finances with your spouse/ex-partner directly, it is likely that you will be greatly assisted by obtaining an informed, neutral and expert opinion as to likely outcomes were your particular case to be brought before a court. At Family Law Associates we are pleased to offer Early Neutral Evaluations directly to members of the public who are trying to resolve their issues directly, or within mediation.   An Early Neutral Evaluation is a meeting which both parties would attend, and at which both parties would have an opportunity …

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  • The danger of not having a financial order on divorce

    One of the main concerns of couples who are getting divorced, is the finances. Typically both parties will want to make sure that an agreement is in place that is fair and workable and that gives each of them a degree of financial security.   Where the assets are straightforward couples can sometimes reach an agreement between themselves, but problems can occur much further down the line if their agreement has not been approved by the Court at the time of the divorce. This problem can also arise where the parties have reached no agreement at all but have just …

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