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Thinking about Christmas…

Although it is only just October and Christmas may still feel far away, for separated parents it is worthwhile spending sometime sorting out the holiday arrangements early, if this has not already been done.

Christmas is a special and magical time for children and any conflict surrounding the arrangements can dampen the celebrations considerably.  Each December, we are contacted by clients who are having difficulty finalising the arrangements for the Christmas holidays.  Sometimes we are asked to sort things out as late as the week before Christmas, which can be incredibly stressful for parents (as well as the children).

Some families decide to divide Christmas Day each year, with the children spending some of the time with one parent and some with the other. Other families alternate Christmas so that the children spend the whole day (often as well as Christmas Eve and Boxing Day) with one parent every other year.

Whatever works for each individual family, the benefit of sorting out the arrangements in advance is significant.  This can then allow the children (and the parents) to focus on enjoying this special time of year.  If you are a separated parent and are worried about the arrangements for you and your children this Christmas, some advice and legal assistance early on can be hugely beneficial.

We can assist you in resolving disagreements regarding the arrangements for your children, whether this is in respect of special occasions or in relation to ongoing arrangements for throughout the year.

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